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Building Retrofit Diagram - renovation retrofit and refurbishment of existing buildings represent an opportunity to upgrade the energy performance of mercial building assets for their ongoing life often retrofit involves modifications to existing mercial buildings that may improve energy efficiency or the building was constructed so that it was sliced up into bays allowing researchers to actually test different portions of the building separately and evaluate different retrofit measures four different bays or different test structures were tested researchers mounted a shaker on top of each research bay cl ing it down to the building a seismic retrofit is the technical process of transferring the lateral forces generated from an earthquake in a building structure down to the foundation this process is typically ac plished by modifying a buildings structural system to reduce or eliminate known seismic deficiencies the.
photo on the left is a diagram of how typical a residential seismic retrofitting guide written by a pbs acclaimed retrofit contractor on house bolting and making your house earthquake proof the lower edge of the plywood is then nailed directly into the redwood mudsill as shown in diagram 7 this method of building a retrofit shear wall is the best way to seismic retrofit a house crea updates and extends resale housing market forecast march 15 2019 follow us

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